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Trendy Cafes to Visit in KL

Now that the borders are open and we are free to travel inter-state again, many are hopping onto the cafe-hopping trend to enjoy fantastic interior designs and local delicacies.

Combined with the fact that many cafes are currently opening up all over the Klang Valley area, food enthusiasts in Malaysia have way too many options at their fingertips. From industrial and minimalist, to retro-themed, Kuala Lumpur is undeniably filled with countless unique cafes.

Thirst-quenching visual of a latte

Hence, if you are on the hunt for some superbly cool cafes (that are perfect for Instagram-worthy pictures, of course), we are here to help.

This article also features some of our top-notch merchants that have had their cafes’ interesting layouts, signature dishes, or even rare aesthetics trending on social media. Read more below to find out!

1. Ikat Tepi Kopi

Cozy visual of Ikat Tepi Kopi, sourced from

With its classy appearance, this cafe is definitely more than meets the eye. Located in Sungai Wang, Ikat Tepi Kopi stands out from most western brews as they source their coffee beans locally from Ipoh. 

Not only that, Ikat Tepi Kopi has an extremely diverse menu that combines seasonal desserts and drinks both locally and internationally. Their specialty ranges widely - from integrating Milo, Ubi taro, and Horlicks into their drinks, to even adding a Korean BBQ edition onto their menu.

2. Khatulistiwah

Interesting enough, this particular cafe’s name is a homage to the equatorial belt that serves as the primary location for coffee beans to grow. While its drinks are specially made to cater to the local palettes, Khatulistiwah thrives in providing a rich coffee-drinking experience. 

Sourced internationally from up to three regions, there’s no denying just how premium the coffee beans that Khatulistiwah use for their patrons. Moreover, the cafe's menu is also well-spread, taking inspiration from Japanese, Korean and Western cuisine - hence creating flavors that are enticing anyone.

Iced coffee, sourced from @khatulistiwah

3. Rubber duck

For those unaware of this hidden gem, Rubber Duck here has everything you need for an amazing brunch. Placed in Plaza Damas, their menu is mainly western-based fused with some local drinks. 

This cafe's plating style is too good to be missed out on, and their dessert choices are extremely delectable. With a nature-inspired interior, this cafe right here would serve you the perfect brunch experience. 

4. Niko Neko Matcha

Good news for matcha enthusiasts out there, Niko Neko Matcha here would really satisfy all your matcha cravings. Famous for its top-tier matcha powder, Niko Neko has also opened its doors for cafe hoppers. 

In their cafes (one located in Chinatown, one in Bangsar), they showcase minimalist layouts which ooze modernity and sleek design. One thing for sure, all items on their menu are filled with a rich umami flavor that all matcha lovers would appreciate. 

5. Burrow BSC

This cozy cafe with its stunning visuals is called Burrow BSC. It has been described as KL’s latest cavern of canelés, cakes and cookies and is almost always filled to the brim with eager visitors. 

Situated in Bangsar, Burrow BSC’s signature dish is the canelés, as many customers had traveled far just to get a taste of this tasty treat. With their opulent furnishing, this cafe easily gains the attention of many customers.  

There you have it - all the cafes that should be on your list for your next KL visit!

There is no doubt that the cafes we feature here would not only be worth your time but also please your palette. If you are in the mood of cafe-hopping around KL, give these establishments a try! 

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