Join us on an adventure

It’s more than a job, it’s a journey

Life at Food Market Hub

Embracing Talents

We celebrate wins big and small as much as we comfort those who fall. Food Market Hub is a safe space to grow without discrimination and experience breakthroughs without limitations.

Employee development

Join free courses online to upskill yourself in any topic today. We do cross sharing of our expertise in every department too!

Game Sessions

Bi weekly, we end a hectic working week with a game session with the team. Sit back, relax and have fun!

Our Values


Seek for new adventures, and never afraid to go insane with new ideas!


To be curious and never stop learning or finding better solutions and alternatives.


There’s a constant craving to reach higher highs and never settle for less!


Prioritize collective wins, and embrace both success and failures along the way.

Our People

It’s more than a job, it’s a journey

An endless learning adventure.
Working at Food Market Hub feels like an endless learning adventure, where every day brings new lessons and discoveries. The team's great support and friendship make our work really fun. We face challenges together and turn them into chances to learn and grow. We all help each other out, making it a place where we learn and work as a team.
Aziera Razak
Customer Experience
Amazing people, new challenges. Never a dull moment!
Food Market Hub has been a very interesting journey. I enjoyed my time with the people and the teams because they are amazing to work with.

Like how any other startup should be, there are new challenges everyday that pushes me to grow further and think deeper. With a supportive team and interesting problems present, Food Market Hub becomes a place where I can always wake up excited to unleash my potential.
Ikmal Suzali
Lead Software Engineer
I'm proud to be a part of such an impactful platform!
Being a part of the Food Market Hub team allows me the privilege of directly observing the significant influence our platform has on transforming inventory management in the food industry. My enthusiasm for working here is fueled by the company’s consistent provision of opportunities for my continuous learning and professional growth.
Sophie Tan
Customer Experience

Our Benefits

It’s more than a job, it’s a journey

Hybrid working style
Flexible Timing
Medical Benefits
Laptop Allowance
Optical & Dental Allowance
Monthly allowance

Open Roles

Customer Success
Growth & Strategy
Human Resources
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