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We help restaurants & suppliers to increase efficiency by centralising all backend activities in one app!

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Food Market Hub is designed for F&B businesses, SMEs and big brands alike, to reduce costs and scale profits. Control costs, connect with new restaurants or suppliers, and multiply your profits, all within one mobile app!

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

The co-founders had ventured into many businesses. Their recent close was an F&B business of 3 outlets. It took a lot of their time and energy but despite their efforts, profit was at its minimum.
That was when they realised that their F&B back of house operations were flawed and so was many others. Then, they thought โ€œIf onlyโ€ฆโ€.

Not long after, the lightbulb above their heads lit up, and Food Market Hub was created, to help F&B businesses run sustainably and effectively.

The Butterfly Effect

We equip F&B businesses of all sizes with real-time costing and profitability data. With everything retrievable within one click, businesses can focus on what they do best: providing an unforgettable experience for end customers.

The end result โ€“ sustainable F&B businesses, serving delicious food across the region.

Faces Behind the Phases

Co - founder
Heโ€™s the Arc reactor of the company. Basically this man is made of steel! No hardship could ever bring him down. Like a nuclear explosion of goodness, heโ€™s determined to disrupt the F&B industry with his innovations โ€“ impactful and widespread.
Co - founder
Born and bred in a family of entrepreneurs. Sheโ€™s destined to take over the family business but decides to do a backflip on her career to pursue her passion. Together with Anthony, theyโ€™re ready to conquer the F&B industry with just a few taps on the screen!
Alphabets, symbols, numbers, are his favorite ingredients play around with, creating the ultimate recipe to revolutionise the F&B industry.

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