Inventory and Procurement management for Restaurants,
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Have full control of your ingredients price, identify wastage and eliminate hidden expenses – save more than 15% in monthly cost.
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My food cost is over 35%; it's hurting my profit margin
With our system's insights, our users have lowered their food cost significantly, and increased profit margin by over 12%.
My team and I spend more than an hour a day doing ordering and inventory
Complete ordering and stock counts in just a few minutes on Food Market Hub - save your time and resources!
It's hard to compare prices from several suppliers to find the best one
Find and compare the products you need from all your suppliers in your area with our Request for Quotation (RFQ) feature.
My ingredients and food often go to waste
Our system shows you exactly how much to order and produce based on sales history and AI-powered forecast. No more wastage.
I have multiple outlets and a Central Kitchen. Monitoring each outlet's performance can be chaotic
Get profit and cost insights for each outlet, including a separate view for Central Kitchen. Monitor your costs better.
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Orders, Inventory and Reports


Place orders and message all your suppliers easily in one app


Reduce wastage and avoid over-ordering based on realtime data


Control your costs better with sales forecast, COGS, and purchase history reports

Central Kitchen and Production Control

Manage Outlets

Control product availability for each outlet

Manage User Access

Grant customised access to each user on a module level

Production Control & Central Kitchen

Sync your production and inventory in every outlet, including supplies from Central Kitchen to other outlets

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Frequently asked questions

What is Food Market Hub?

Food Market Hub is a procurement and inventory management system designed for F&B businesses. Our platform streamlines and automates back-end operations such as ordering, inventory management, an efficient inventory and cost management solution.

Who can use Food Market Hub?

Our software is available for restaurants and suppliers of any segment; SMEs and enterprises alike. Our customers include KFC, Din Tai Fung, myBurgerLab, The Coffee Academics, Salad Atelier, and 4,000+ more restaurants in Southeast Asia.

What is procurement in food & beverage business?

Procurement in F&B businesses refers to the process of 'buying' the products needed for daily business operations. It starts from finding suppliers, placing orders, monitoring and the items received, down to verifying invoices & payments. A well-managed procurement can effectively prevent overspending or wasting.

What are the benefits of automated procurement and inventory management?

F&B procurement involves a lot of time-consuming tasks – contacting suppliers, receiving and checking orders, doing stock checks, etc. With Food Market Hub, all these back-end processes can be done in one platform. Our clients have reduced their time spent on manual work by at least 56%!

How can Food Market Hub help reduce my wastage?

Restaurants can avoid over-ordering ingredients by knowing exactly when and how much to order based on their sales history, order history and our AI-powered sales forecast. Our platform allows integration with your POS and accounting system, syncing every sales and purchase with your inventory.

I am a supplier, how can Food Market Hub help me?

By using Food Market Hub, you can have your own digital store and display your products to 4,000+ restaurants in Southeast Asia – it's like having your own marketplace, but for wholesale purchases! This translates to higher brand visibility and more sales.

My supplier is not on Food Market Hub, can I still order from them through the app?

Yes! Your purchase order will still be automated and will be sent to your suppliers through email or WhatsApp.

What kind of suppliers are available on Food Market Hub?

Food Market Hub is used by a wide range of suppliers in the food and hospitality industry; meat suppliers, fruits, vegetables, frozen goods, herbs & spices, even kitchen appliances and food packaging suppliers!

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