Beat Future Food Crisis

Save up to USD2.6trillion worth of global food wastage.

33% of food produced globally gets wasted.
We aim to lower it.

Reduce Ingredients Wastage

Know how much ingredients to order, no more wastage.

Sufficient Production

Produce just enough food to meet demands.

Fair Distribution

Channel adequate food to areas with shortages.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

49% of global landfills are filled with food waste. And, this contributes to deadly methane pollution.

With Food Market Hub, restaurants can reduce food and ingredients waste up to 40%, thus cutting waste-related landfill down.

Improved Resources Management

Food production consumes 30% of the world’s total energy (equivalent to 110 days’ worth of global energy.)

Food Market Hub’s stock wastage solution can lower global energy usage– from growing, manufacturing, storing, transporting, and selling– by 50%.  

Save Trillions in Cost

Food wastage contributes to USD 1.4 trillion in environmental and social costs.

We slash these costs (labour, storage, disposal) down by billions through equipping restaurants and suppliers with AI-powered demand data.


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