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Streamlining Operations and Optimising Inventory Management: A Sausage Sizzle Case Study

February 29, 2024

We recently interviewed Nazri, the founder of Sausage Sizzle, who has a wealth of experience in the F&B industry, starting with a pie business in 2014 and eventually expanding into the vibrant street food scene with Sausage Sizzle. His journey reflects the challenges and successes of managing multiple outlets and a centralised kitchen for production, storage, and distribution.

"One of the key aspects of our success with Sausage Sizzle has been our emphasis on maintaining product quality while optimising inventory management and streamlining operations," says Nazri.

1. Centralised Kitchen Efficiency

Nazri highlighted the importance of a well-organised central kitchen. For Sausage Sizzle, their central kitchen plays a pivotal role in ensuring product consistency and quality. With a focus on standardised recipes and procedures, they are able to produce large quantities efficiently.

"Our central kitchen is the heart of our operations. It allows us to maintain control over our product quality and ensure consistency across all outlets," explains Nazri.

2. Inventory Management

Nazri stressed the importance of an efficient inventory management system. He mentioned that before implementing Food Market Hub (FMH), they faced challenges with manual tracking and ordering processes. FMH has streamlined their inventory management, making it easier to track stock levels, place orders, and reduce wastage.

"FMH has been a game-changer for us. It has made our inventory management process much more efficient and has helped us reduce costs," says Nazri.

3. Product Quality Control

Nazri explained how they maintain product quality from the central kitchen to the outlets. By pre-cooking certain items like caramelised onions and pre-packaging ingredients, they ensure consistency across all outlets. This approach also helps in reducing prep time at the outlets, improving overall operational efficiency.

"Our focus on product quality control has been instrumental in building customer trust and loyalty. Customers know that they can expect the same great taste every time they visit us," says Nazri.

4. Franchising and Expansion

Nazri's strategy for franchising and expanding the brand focuses on building a strong foundation first. He recommends expanding outlets before franchising to solidify the brand's SOPs and operational processes. This approach ensures that new outlets can maintain the same level of quality and consistency as the original.

"We believe that expanding outlets before franchising allows us to perfect our operations and ensure that our brand standards are met. This approach has been key to our successful expansion," explains Nazri.

5. Location Strategy

Nazri emphasised the importance of strategic location selection for outlets. By prioritising accessibility and proximity for the licensee, they ensure better oversight and management of the outlet. This approach contributes to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

"Choosing the right location for our outlets is crucial. It allows us to be closer to our customers and ensures that our licensees can easily manage their outlets," says Nazri..