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F&B Procurement & Inventory Platform for Singapore Horeca (Hotel Restaurant Cafe)

Food Market Hub started with the mission to make every F&B business sustainable and run effortlessly. We are dedicated to making the F&B ecosystem transparent and by vertically integrating the entire value chain from the farm until restaurant, Food Market Hub aims to make supply chain for F&B is an effortless backend job to help F&B grow exponentially while keeping the food cost low and benefit back to the consumer.

Food Market Hub uses disruptive technology to take the traditional food and beverage procurement process to the next level. We apply predictive analytics including AI to forecast procurement and food cost. Our proprietary food cost optimization algorithms and AI-powered procurement system automate 80% of workflow and help F&B operators and suppliers both can reduce lot's manual admin works for data entry.

Food Market Hub comes with various procurement methods to help different sizes of F&B operators. We have e-commerce method, recurring template method, PAR level auto replenish method, Daily Stock Count with PAR method, and the best in class, AI method. Food Market Hub has made the AI method powerful to study previous usage model with cost optimization level to suggest what's are the items to replenish without any recipe or PAR level. This will greatly help for SME size F&B operators due to they don't have resources to maintain BOM / Recipe details like MNC level restaurant.

Food Market Hub started from Malaysia and now has expanded to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and finally to Singapore. Our solution at a very affordable price although equipped with advanced technology and our customer range from single outlet restaurant to 200+ size restaurant group, hotels, central kitchen, F&B factory, Online Food Ordering Startup, F&B Suppliers, and Farmers.