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Effortless POS and Accounting System Integration with Food Market Hub

After talking with thousands of food operators in Malaysia, we at Food Market Hub have concluded that the Malaysian F&B industry values efficiency and precision. Food Market Hub recognises the importance of seamless operations for the success of F&B businesses. Therefore, we've created a platform that effortlessly integrates with over 15 popular POS systems. This ensures smooth backend operations, regardless of the system you use to serve your guests.

Our system is designed to sync seamlessly with some of the most widely used POS systems in the industry. Here are some of the POS systems we integrate with:

  1. DINLR
  2. dRetail
  3. EasyEat
  4. Eats365
  5. ESB
  6. FeedMe
  7. Hubbo
  8. Infrasys
  9. Moka
  10. pawoon
  11. Pointsoft
  12. ShopChamp
  13. Store hub
  14. Zeoniq
  15. Zeoniq Offline

If your preferred POS system isnโ€™t listed, don't worry. You can request a new integration, and our team will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.


Enhance Profitability and Financial Management

At Food Market Hub, we prioritise your profitability and financial health. The era of manual data entry and tracking financial data in Excel sheets is over. By integrating your accounting system with Food Market Hub, transactions from sales, purchases, and expenses are automatically recorded. This automation reduces errors and frees up your time, enabling you to focus more on serving your customers and growing your business.

Our system also supports automated invoicing processes, ensuring that invoices are generated promptly and accurately. These invoices are then sent to suppliers and customers without delays, boosting your operational efficiency.


Real-Time Financial Synchronisation

One of the standout features of Food Market Hub is its real-time sync capability. With this feature, restaurant administrators have instant access to the latest financial data. This immediate access allows for quick and informed decision-making, which is crucial for effective operations and financial planning.


Flexible Accounting System Integration

Food Market Hub offers unparalleled flexibility by allowing restaurants to integrate with their preferred accounting systems while still leveraging the full suite of features our platform provides.


Benefits of Seamless Integration

  • Reduced manual work: Say goodbye to manual data entry and the risk of human error. Our integration ensures that all financial transactions are recorded automatically.
  • Your time is precious, use it wisely: Automated processes mean you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time enhancing your customer experience.
  • Improved accuracy: Real-time data synchronisation means your financial records are always up-to-date, providing accurate insights for better decision-making.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Prompt and accurate invoicing improves cash flow and supplier relationships, contributing to smoother operations.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, our platform scales with you, accommodating new POS systems and accounting needs as required.


Join the Future of Restaurant Management

Integrating your POS and accounting systems with Food Market Hub not only streamlines your operations but also positions your restaurant for long-term success. Our comprehensive platform is designed to adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring you always have the tools necessary to thrive in the competitive F&B industry.

Ready to streamline your operations and enhance your profitability? Book a demo with us today to learn more about how Food Market Hub can transform your business through seamless POS and accounting system integration.

By embracing these integrations, you're not just adopting a software solution; you're partnering with a system that evolves with your business, ensuring continuous growth and efficiency. Let Food Market Hub be the backbone of your restaurant's success.