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Revolutionising Food Procurement: Food Market Hub and Supplybunny Announce Partnership to Empower F&B Businesses

We are excited to announce an official partnership between and, two leading platforms in the food procurement industry.

Foodmarkethub is renowned for its innovative solutions that streamline and optimise the procurement process and inventory management for restaurants and Food & Beverage (F&B) businesses. It offers a comprehensive platform that enables businesses to manage their procurement operations efficiently. The platform provides features such as supplier management, price comparison, inventory tracking, order management, and analytics. With Food Market Hub, F&B businesses can enhance their procurement efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall operational effectiveness.

In this exclusive partnership, Supplybunny has been granted the status of the official channel partner for Food Market Hub. Supplybunny has established itself as a prominent aggregator of demand for single outlet restaurants, enabling them to access higher-tier pricing from top suppliers. It acts as a bridge between suppliers and restaurants, facilitating smooth transactions and ensuring competitive pricing for individual outlets. Supplybunny has built a reputation for its ability to connect F&B businesses with trusted suppliers, offering a wide range of products and ensuring timely delivery.

The partnership between Food Market Hub and Supplybunny aims to provide a seamless experience for restaurants and F&B businesses looking to embark on their procurement efficiency journey. By leveraging the expertise and capabilities of both platforms, restaurants will be empowered to optimise their procurement processes, improve cost management, and streamline their supply chain operations.

Amit Gupta, the CTO of Food Market Hub, and Ognjen Regoje, the CTO of Supplybunny, are working hand in hand to ensure a smooth transition and seamless user experience for the customers of both platforms.

Prior to this partnership, Foodmarkethub and Supplybunny successfully collaborated on an ongoing project that offers 30 days payment terms to F&B operators in Malaysia. This initiative garnered tremendous success, with over 200 outlets signing up within the first 45 days. The positive results from this collaboration have laid the foundation for an expanded partnership, further solidifying the commitment of both platforms to support the growth and success of the F&B industry.

Together, Foodmarkethub and Supplybunny are poised to revolutionise the procurement landscape for the F&B businesses, empowering them with efficient tools, access to top suppliers, and enhanced cost management capabilities. This partnership represents a significant step forward in achieving procurement excellence and fostering the success of F&B businesses across Malaysia and beyond.

Starting from 1st August 2023, restaurants signing up to Supplybunny will be automatically entitled to a free account on Food Market Hub.
Interested restaurants can find out more by signing up here