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Reduce Human Error with 5 Simple Tips

Error, error. There’s no more humanly trait than committing a human error. Usually, making mistakes means you are learning, and that’s a good thing! But when it comes to the business sector, it could be costly to commit even the most minor errors.  

Accurate data serves many purposes. In the F&B industry, data processing is an essential part of the business. Mainly, you can utilise this data for generating reports, forecasting future sales, and inventory purchasing purposes. 

If you’re a business owner, we understand that it is in your best interest to reduce as many human errors as possible. 

So in case you're here for answers, you’re at the right place.

Hire Sufficient Staff

Processing a large amount of data is not an easy job. It takes much effort to produce accurate results from raw data. Don’t suffocate your only staff with tons of work all at once. 

Here’s what we suggest:

Of course, the number one way to reduce human error is to hire sufficient staff. Just like a normal human being, you’ll get unproductive with too much on your plate. One would pay more attention to quantity over quality, and thus producing such crummy work.  It is the same as your staff. It doesn’t matter how efficient they are; too much work would push them to their limits. 

Once you’ve hired enough people for the job, then delegate them evenly according to their importance. With less workload, all those important numbers should be spot on! You’ll see how this change can make so much difference in your business management. 

Provide Thorough Planning

Secondly, to reduce human error you must provide adequate training to meet your job expectations. Proper training gives them room to improve their skills on the designated job, i.e. data processing. This step can be applied to all working sectors as well. It would take a lot of time to master a skill or a job, but it will be worth it!

Once they are well trained and know everything they need about the job, like the back of their hands, rest assured that you’ll see a lesser human error in no time. 

Also, do you know that proper training can reduce your business turnover rate? It’s true. Training gives your employees a sense of value. It shows them how committed you are to giving them the resources they need to do the job right. Hence, they will feel more secure with their job and grow together with your business.

Use Data Profiling

The next vital step to reducing human error is to use data profiling. But, what’s data profiling?

Data profiling is examining, analysing and reviewing data to collect statistics from the data sources. It is simply like a checklist of things you should do to ensure your data is accurate, consistent, and reliable. Utilising data profiling in your job is one of the best ways to reduce human error possible. 

There are many techniques of data profiling you can manoeuvre for data processing. Namely, there are four of them at your disposal: column profiling, cross-column profiling, cross-table profiling and data rule validation. You can do this step manually; however, you can also use advanced data profiling tools. There are many data profiling tools in the market! These tools surely will give your employees a guideline so that they don’t miss out on any data, even in a single Excel cell.

Always double-check !

The fourth step to reduce human error is to double-check your work. Double-checking is a standard way of reviewing one’s work for the second time to ensure accurate and reliable data sources. Sometimes, people dismiss the importance of accuracy because they pay too much attention to completing their job. That is why double-checking is essential.

Being positioned as a data entry, one can let a manager or a higher-up double-check those reports before submitting them. They are more experienced in the field and may know every nook and corner of the database you are working on. This way, they can notice and correct any overlooked mistakes in your work.

Although this is not the ideal way of dealing with a more significant amount of data, it is always good to check your work before submitting it. Thus, your work will become more accurate and less prone to errors. 

Automate your business

Finally, we get to the most exciting step of reducing human error - automate your business!

Simple. Don’t let those calculations and documents trouble you anymore. With thousands of choices from the internet, choose any software and subscribe to their services. Now relax and just let them do the job for you! 

If you’re a business owner and wondering where you can get such services, we have just the right solution for you. Food Market Hub will help you automate your business from the comfort of your home! With our intelligent software, we will take care of your procurements and inventories for you! You can now save all that time and spend them with your loved ones.

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In conclusion, human errors are unavoidable, yet one can strive to reduce them with these steps. With current technologies, restaurant owners are advised to move towards a digital ecosystem to adapt to the current market trends.