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Guide to Food Market Hub - All You Need to Know

If you are still new to Food Market Hub and are currently wondering about our business and the services we provide, you’ve come to the right place!

Food Market Hub at its very core, serves mainly one purpose, to ease and integrate the backend processes of any F&B brands. However, what we offer to our merchants (ie. restaurants) and vendors (ie. suppliers) also encompass so much more than that. 

Get to Know Food Market Hub - the most innovative procurement solution for restaurants and suppliers

Procurement is, of course, one of the most crucial planning stages for any restaurant owners and suppliers alike. With our all-in-one platform, Food Market Hub ensures that none of your orders would be lost.  

Not only can you keep a permanent record of them, but you can also access and track any order at any given time. Hence,  you can guarantee that your food cost management will always run smoothly. 

The second most important aspect of any F&B management system is undoubtedly the inventory. By utilizing Food Market Hub, you can instantly visualize your cash flow and get accurate updates of your inventory. Your food wastage can then be minimized considerably. 

Many restaurants and suppliers alike struggle with keeping track of their past conversations as different entities may prefer different communication platforms. We understand the importance of keeping your communication channels centralized. Thus, Food Market Hub features its very own communication platform, in which you can easily trace and track past messages.

Food Market Hub also offers an easy integration with your accounting and Point of Sale systems. This way, data entry would become much faster and automated. 

Not to mention that the software helps you to minimize food cost as it is AI-powered, hence would be able to give you an accurate estimation of demand in supply. 

Why should restaurants consider us?

1. Minimize cost and avoid over-ordering 

For one, Food Market Hub is specially designed to help you avoid over-ordering food. The platform helps you to forecast just how much ingredients you need to purchase. What’s more, Food Market Hub ensures that you would never encounter unknown food costs - ultimately minimizes your wastage. 

2. Digitalize now!

Instead of the usual messy paper trails of documents that you can often lose, Food Market Hub gives you the opportunity to digitalize (and modernize!) your backend processes. Hence, all your documentations are now safe (and saved) as they are in digital format.

Furthermore, you would never miss out on any updates.  We know just how fast-paced the F&B industry can be. Hence, with our website, you can get instant notifications on approvals, order restrictions, pricing, and many more. 

3. Business Intelligence simplified

With this innovative e-commerce platform, you can save up to 82% of your effort as we automate and match your invoices instantly. Our system also includes sales forecasting, which would help you optimize your purchases. Last but not least, you can also automatically gain visibility of your profit and loss data by utilizing Food Market Hub.

So you're a supplier and you're wondering why you should join us? Here's why

 Did you know that over 72% of F&B suppliers tend to limit their growth due to manual processes? However, our website ensures that there would be auto-reminders available to notify your customers to purchase from you. This consequently makes advertising your products much easier!

You can also share your catalog with multi-pricing for every stock-keeping unit (SKU) offered. Even better, you can say goodbye to the taxing process of manually inputting data in your systems, as our platform updates sales data into your accounting systems in just one click. 

Ready to be part of the Food Market Hub family?

If you would like to know more about our plans and pricing,  you can head over here for a quick look. For further assistance, you can even use the live chat function on our webpage or sign up for free to test the software out!