F&B Business Management

F&B B2B Marketplace with Restaurant Purchasing System

Food Market Hub start as Restaurant Purchasing and Inventory System has now expand to F&B Supplier B2B Marketplace.

Through Food Market Hub, Restaurant can manage branch and central kitchen purchasing and inventory. And all purchasing items are linked to Food Market Hub B2B Marketplace.

Restaurant can use food market hub to include supplier that not in B2B marketplace so they can use single interface to handle all purchasing, while F&B supplier can use Food Market Hub B2B to offer mobile apps and online ordering for restaurant that not subscribed to food market hub as sponsored account. Sponsored account has limited function compare to subscribed restaurant account but the platform is cheap entry for lot's restaurant to start handle all their operations through one system.

Check out https://foodmarkethub.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/foodmarkethub/