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Ensuring Food Suppliers' Halal Compliance with Food Market Hub's Certification Management Feature

As a predominantly Muslim country, Malaysia places a significant emphasis on Halal certification for food and dining establishments. The Halal food industry is a major component of Malaysiaโ€™s economy, with demand continuously growing. The Malaysian Halal industry is expected to grow to a staggering US$113.2 billion (RM500.17 billion). This growth underscores the importance of maintaining strict Halal standards, which ensure that food products and services comply with Islamic dietary laws.

To meet these demands, Food Market Hub has developed a robust feature that facilitates the upload and management of Halal certificates by both suppliers and merchants. This feature is essential for merchants serving Halal food, as they are required to source their supplies exclusively from certified suppliers recognised by the relevant authorities.


Key Benefits and Features

1. Streamlined Certification Management

Managing Halal certificates is a primary challenge for our esteemed clients, such as Kenny Hills, Total Meal Solution, and Kyochon. These certificates come with specific validity periods and must be regularly renewed. Our Halal Certificate Management feature allows merchants to easily upload and view Halal certificates, along with their expiry dates. This streamlined process ensures that compliance is maintained without the hassle of manual tracking.

2. Automated Expiry Notifications

Ensuring that orders are not placed with suppliers whose Halal certificates have expired is crucial. Our system automatically notifies merchants when a certificate is nearing its expiry date. This prompt allows merchants to take timely action, either by renewing the certificate or sourcing from a different certified supplier. This automated alert system helps prevent any lapses in compliance, thereby maintaining the integrity of Halal sourcing practices.

3. Internal Compliance Audits

Merchants are also responsible for conducting internal audits to ensure that their operations comply with Halal standards. Our platform supports this by providing a clear view of all uploaded certificates and their statuses. This visibility aids in internal audits, ensuring that all aspects of the supply chain adhere to the required Halal conditions.


The Importance of Halal Certification

Our Halal Certificate Management feature fosters trust and accountability within the Halal food industry. By providing seamless upload functionality, transparent monitoring, and timely reminders, we empower merchants and suppliers to uphold the highest standards of integrity in their Halal sourcing practices.


Join the Future of Halal Compliance

Food Market Hub's Halal Certificate Management feature is designed to meet the growing demands of the Halal food industry in Malaysia. As the industry continues to expand, our solution ensures that your business remains compliant with all Halal certification requirements, thus building trust with your customers and enhancing your reputation in the market.

Ready to streamline your Halal certification management? Book a demo with us today to learn more about how Food Market Hub can help your business maintain the highest standards of Halal compliance. Embrace our Halal Certificate Management feature to ensure a seamless and compliant Halal supply chain.