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Christmas Greeting Card Designs for Restaurants

It is no secret that Christmas has become one of the most profitable holidays for the food and beverage industry.

After all, this is the best time of the year for restaurant managers to leverage on the customers’ holiday spirit and entice them with festive menus and lavish restaurant decorations. 

However, for those who worry on the side of social media and the restaurant’s branding, we got your back! We guarantee that by the end of this reading, you would be more than prepared in your quest to attract new diners this Christmas season through captivating card designs. 

After all, there is no better time than now to start preparing for the holidays. What’s more, you can even aim to refurbish your entire social media feed by going all out for Christmas this entire month.

Christmas decorations.

First off, what are the Christmas color palettes that you should consider?

Traditionally, the most widely-associated colors with Christmas would be green and red. However, if you are feeling bold and would like to challenge the notion of this holiday, why not venture into contemporary Christmas colors?

For one, mixing red with other warm shades would always do wonders. Combining pastel colors with other pastel shades also would not disappoint as they tend to mix well. You can even go as far as selecting earth colors (such as brown, beige and faded green) to celebrate the festivities too!

Connect with your audience with these uniquely designed Christmas cards

1. Illustrative 

Illustrative Christmas greeting card.

In celebrating this merry season, why not venture into something illustrative? Using a wide variety of art styles such as vector, cartoon-ish, or even animations would surely spruce up your social media feed in welcoming this holiday season. 

Even better, you can opt in choosing this style for all your posts this December. This way, the consistency is there for your audience to see and enjoy. They can then easily associate this style with this month’s festivities. For designing an illustrative Christmas card, try utilizing Canva to create it for free. 

2. Minimalist

Minimalist Christmas greeting card.

At its core, minimalism is all about designing at its simplest shapes. This would then make the main element in your Christmas card designs stand out as much as possible.

Minimalism also has huge potential in conveying a classy vibe to your audience due to its principle being “the less is better”. 

3. Photo-based

Photo-based Christmas greeting card.

Another common approach is to utilize photos as your background in your Christmas cards. Though it may seem overused and cliche, there are still many unique ways you can incorporate a photograph in celebrating Christmas. 

One thing for sure, don’t be afraid to get wild and creative! Remember to showcase your restaurant’s essence in whatever picture you chose. It can be a simple aerial shot of your merry decoration, or even a candid laughing picture of your staff wearing Santa's hat. 

4. Opulent  

Opulent Christmas greeting card.

If you are going for something rich and lavish, then this style would probably suit your taste. Feel free to use golden texts, or silver hues. Pair either one of these jewellery colors with dark tones such as velvet green, crimson or even white for maximum elegance. 

Keep in mind that you can also include a hint of minimalism in this type of style too, just to ensure that your design would not end up looking gaudy.


5. Typography-centered 

Typography-centered Christmas greeting card.

Using only text on your Christmas card is also a great way to differentiate your brand from other competitors. This is mainly as this art style is yet to be adopted by many, especially among Malaysian restaurants. Hence, feel free to experiment with this approach to your heart’s content.

There you go - five versatile concepts that you can adopt for your greetings card this Christmas!

Though undeniably, there are many other different styles that you can also try out, trust us when we say that these five right here would be more than enough in making your feed all the more merry this festive season. Keep in mind to utilize whatever concept you chose in showcasing your brand to the fullest. 

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