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How Big Data can help Restaurant Business To Improve Profit and Sales

Food Market Hub as a Restaurant Management System with Restaurant Purchasing System plus Big Data Analysis tool has equipped most advanced feature to help Restaurant Management get the latest data and provide better data to backup the decision made.


Big data is one of the hottest term recently. Collect data from multiple system such as POS, Purchasing, Inventory, Marketing and accounting then use analytics skill to make the data integrated and show management a useful chart or any presentation form of data to verify and support every decision made. In conclusion, Food Market Hub is design to utilize Big Data framework to help restaurant in below 5 ways.


1. Increase Sales

Food Market Hub can collect your POS data, integrate with some other data such as Promotion Period, Holiday, Weather and show the reflection of external factor that change the sales pattern.


2. Automatic Data Collection with Simple User Interface

Restaurants always stay busy, it's difficult for restaurant staff to key in tons of data. Food Market Hub is design to automate and provide some AI smart data to help management collect 95% accuracy data. Imagine by single click and we got every data automated. That's the future way of collecting data rather than enter every detail data in a form.


3. Increase Efficiency

Restaurants use a lot of different systems. Thereโ€™s the POS system, scheduling software, HRMS, payroll, etc. Food Market Hub is design to help Restaurant connect every system together to provide them a useful data.


4. Automated Wastage Control

With the power of big data, we can analyze the purchasing pattern, recipe and the inventory to calculate the wastage.


5. Run Time Live Data Chart

As management, we always want to have first hand insight about condition of all our restaurants. Food Market Hub turn the figure to useful chart and let management has a bird eye view of the branch. They even can compare branch vs branch to see the performance difference. You can put in shop size, number of staff, geography area as external data to show the interesting face.

Restaurant Big Data