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Don't Let Back End Operations Drag Your F&B Business Down

If you think starting a F&B business is simply just taking orders, cooking, serving and billing. Well, it's not as simple as it seems. The roots of the business is rather a complicated affair to be dealt with every single day. The back end operations comprise of order management with suppliers, inventory control, accounting and finance and staffing. At the same time, the art of coming up with a compelling menu and impressing customers through taste and experience is vital.

Hence, how can we focus on both to scale our business when there's so much to do?


The People, The Mindset, and The Communication

Ensuring that all employees share the same mission and vision as the business is essential to translate it to your customers. Running a business means being a leader, and to be a leader, we must guide our followers in to the same direction.

Hence, training programs in their field of work and within the organization is essential to keep all staffs on the same page. Encouraging open communication internally keeps the morale of every employee at its peak, and we'll never know when one of these staffs will come up with a million dollar idea that can transform your business into something greater; and when that happens, don't turn it down. Be courageous enough to take that leap of faith to update or upgrade your business.


Simplify the processes

Do you ever realize that the back end job can take hours, when it should only be done in minutes? From ordering, to updating your inventory level, to accounting and finance, to the general management. These information are passed around all the time, and should be systemized at a central platform. When that happens, efficiency skyrockets, and your back end operations will run as smoothly as a flowing river.

Moreover, the simplest task such as ordering from your suppliers, is already a hectic and complicated process, Why should it be this way when it doesn't add value to your company?

This is where Food Market Hub comes to play. Our cloud based procurement and inventory system that keeps track of everything in one place.ย Upon ordering, the data will be updated in your inventory and integrated to your accounting system. Allowing centralized and transparent information being shared across departments, and tracking of cost as easy as ABC. Most importantly, we allow suppliers and restaurants to communicate in a single platform. Say goodbye to messy ordering and receiving whenever you order your supplies.


Conquer the world, with the right tools at bay

You can't win the war with your bare hands, you'll need weapons, not just any weapon, but the right weapons.

Embracing technology and implementing it in your business will work wonders in many aspects of the business, including saving time, eliminating wastes, unraveling hidden costs, etc.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analysis is used by successful F&B businesses such as KFC to predict the demand of food supply using past data. We help restaurants forecast purchase and recommended usage of raw ingredients need by analyzing reports of weather, past data and holiday calendar key impact point for better food inventory control. Ensuring the overordering and wastage are to be eliminated or maintained at the lowest level possible.


Doubling your Margins

When a systematic system does its job right, you'll realize that running an F&B business is very much like coding; Where we're the codes, and your business is the interface. Key in what is needed, and leave the rest to us. Therefore, you'll realize that you don't actually need that many staffs to manage your back end operations. Convert them to front end and you'll have more time and energy prioritizing your customer's needs and satisfaction. Your customers will come flooding in before you know it!


Scaling your business

As complicated as back end operations can be, the complication grows exponentially when scaling a business. However, with the right system in place, scaling your business should be as easy as walking straight to your destination and not getting stuck in a never ending maze. As the saying goes, "work smart not work hard." That's why we're here to provide the best technology at the most affordable price to all F&B business owner, and bringing the best out of all F&B businesses!


Food Market Hub

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