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5 Spooky Recipes to Try This Halloween

As we find ourselves in the midst of this spooky season, why not challenge yourself and consider making tasty, yet haunting dishes this Halloween? After all, there’s no better time than now to unleash your creativity in celebrating the second largest commercial holiday.

There’s no denying that Halloween has become one of the most internationally-celebrated festivals in recent years. An estimated $5.6 billion was spent on Halloween-related purchases annually.

Coupled with the traditions of trick-and-treats and costume parties, it goes without saying that this billion-dollar industry also impacted the sales of food and beverages. 

Halloween and its commercialization by the F&B industry

Halloween is arguably one of the most profitable festivities for food and beverage brands to take advantage of. For years, many known F&B brands have come up with various creative marketing strategies to capitalize on this holiday. 

Hence, regardless of whether you are a restaurant owner trying to spice up your menu this spooky season, or even just a dinner host trying to look for inspiration in Halloween-themed dishes, we got your back! Simply read here for quick and easy recipes that you can try this October 31st. 

1.  Scarily adorable brownies

Source and image credit from Brian Woodcock

By adding a ghostly twist to any brownie recipe, this dish right here is perfect for any dessert lover! Simply put, the base is made of regular brownies ingredients. Be it fudgy, chewy, or cakey, any type of brownies would still work wonderfully. 

The additional element is, of course, the spooky marshmallow ghosts as a topping, though this requires only three ingredients. Not to fret, you can head on over here for a full recipe. 

2.  Creepily cool mocktails

Source and image credit from Vitality

Of course, no Halloween-themed menu is complete without Halloween-inspired mocktails. For a quick and easy one, you can try incorporating pumpkin into your juice punches. Simply put, this quick recipe only would take less than 5 minutes of your time. 

3.  Glaring cake pops

Source and image credit from Grace Parisi

Who doesn’t love cake pops? This quick yet delicious sweet treat is a fool-proof way to any foodies’ hearts. However, in the spirit of Halloween, why not add some haunting modifications?

In this case, you can design the cake pops in such a way that they resemble eyeballs, each complete with its pupils and red nerves for capturing that creepy nuance. 

4.  Easy Halloween cookies

Source and image credit from BBC

Another sure-fire way in gaining the affection of Halloween enthusiasts is of course, through cookies topped with spine-chilling designs. With less than 30 minutes baking time, these tasty treats are super easy to make for this occasion. Just be sure to use Halloween cookie cutters for the base!  

5.  Spider Web Cupcakes

Source and image credit from David Malosh

Another most well-loved dessert among customers is, you guessed it - cupcakes! The cupcake base is up to you to decide. In this recipe above, we’d recommend choosing red velvet cupcakes.

As for the frosting, consider imitating spider webs to really showcase the Halloween festivities. 

Now that we have given you all the inspiration you need to get your Halloween spirit going, what are you waiting for? 

Start incorporating these simple ideas into your menu this Halloween and see how they would work wonders with your customers! By adding your own frightening twist to any dessert, you make any Halloween dish your own.

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