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5 Signature Deepavali Dishes to Make

As the long-awaited festival of light is approaching, you may be wondering if you missed out on any signature Deepavali dish to make in celebrating this holiday. After all, a big part of Deepavali tradition is to serve tasty dishes to your family and friends.

What exactly is Deepavali all about?

Deepavali is a day in which the Hindu community rejoices in the victory of light triumphing over darkness, hence why it is also referred to as Diwali. The annual festival falls on the day before the new moon according to the lunar calendar. 

Mouth-watering Deepavali dishes, sourced from Pinterest

However, just like most festivities in Malaysia, Deepavali is a day free to be celebrated by just about anyone regardless of their race and cultural background.

Hence, we are here to provide you with five simple recipes to follow this Deepavali to treat your family and friends with. 

1. Murukku

Kai Murukku | Raw Rice Murukku | Snacks Recipes
Murukku, sourced from Edible Garden

Murukku, also known as Chakli, is an easy all-day snack that can be prepared in advance, hence it saves you a few extra minutes from hassling in the kitchen on the day of the festival instead. 

This round snack is made up of simple ingredients and is completely fuss-free! What’s more, its storage life is quite long, with an estimation of three to four months. 

2. Mutton curry

Overhead shot of Indian mutton curry or lamb curry in cast iron pan, some coriander leaves spread around.
Mutton Curry, sourced from Cubes n Juliennes

This recipe of mutton curry is guaranteed to give your palette a wonderful kick. With a cooking time of less than half an hour, this dish right here would be perfect for your guests. 

Rest assured that the following meal would satisfy your palette as it would be perfectly paired not only with rice but also with tosai. What better way to spend Deepavali than by indulging yourself with tender goat meat soaked in onion tomato gravy?

3. Veg Biryani

Biryani, taken by Sohani Kamat

Of course, no Deepavali course is complete without one of its most popular main dishes, biryani. This recipe of veg biryani is a must-have item on your menu as it is undeniably scrumptious. 

This particular meal is filled with not only chopped vegetables but also loaded with many spices, saffron and dry fruits, making it all the more alluring for your guests.

4. Gulab Jamun 

Gulab Jamun, sourced from Fun Food Frolic

Though this dessert right here can be quite time-consuming in terms of prep time, rest assured that its saccharine taste would make it worthwhile. After all, this traditional snack is too irresistible to not make.

5. Samosa

The last signature dish we’d like to introduce you to is without a doubt inseparable from Deepavali. For one, this crispy, potato-stuffed treat is simply too delectable of a snack to not have. Trust us when we tell you that samosa would be suitable for guests of all ages. 

Now that you’ve got all the recipes you need, what are you waiting for? 

Equipped with all these signature Deepavali dishes we have featured here, you are more than prepared to make your loved ones happy with the most scrumptious feast this holiday. 

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