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5 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Restaurants

In commemorating the Christmas season this December, you may find yourself already looking for unique decoration ideas to make your restaurant all the more festive. Fret not - this article below will give you all the inspiration you need.

After all, now is as good a time as any to start beautifying your restaurant’s ambiance. With merry decorations, your establishment will be able to attract more diners. This will double up your chances of increasing your profit margin this month. 

Pick a colour scheme

Picking a suitable color palette.

First things first, you have to be sure to select the right colour palette and stick to it. One sure fire way to avoid your restaurant looking too garish is to base all the decorations on around 3 to 4 colours max. You can opt for adding shades that are similar to the main colours you chose, but it is advisable to limit them. 

Now onto the million dollar question, what are the Christmas colours? Though green and red may be the obvious options, you can also lean towards contemporary shades such as earth tones (for a warmer look) or even dark palettes (to convey class). 

1. Traditional

Traditional Christmas decoration for Restaurants.

The safest and easiest option is, naturally, to keep up with the tradition. This would mean decorating your restaurant with strings of twinkling LED lights, setting up lovely centrepieces and even a candle or two for each table. This would ultimately accentuate the Christmas ambiance in your establishment. 

Classic Christmas tree.

No traditional Christmas decor is complete without its Christmas tree. Hence, be sure to place an attention grabbing tree somewhere noticeable. Though there are no limitations in how you want to decorate said tree, it is better to stay consistent with your theme.

2. Lavish Christmas Eve

Lavish decoration for Christmas.

If your entire brand exudes modernity, you may want to go for a lavish and rich look for Christmas decor this year. This approach would also work well with new-age restaurants. 

But what exactly can be classified under “contemporary”, you might ask? Think of dark palettes combined with crystal decorations, or perhaps even silver orbs dangling from the ceilings. Go above and beyond with an all white Christmas tree decorated with silver and gold ornaments. After all, there’s no such thing as “too much” when it comes to Christmas decorations. 

For more inspiration on lavish Christmas colors, head over here for a series of creative colour palettes.

3. Wondrous Winter

Snowy Christmas decoration.

For a whimsical Christmas, you may want to consider transforming your restaurant into a magical winter wonderland. To do this, it is advisable to go all white in your decorations to accentuate the winter vibe. 

Be it snowmen and reindeer miniatures, centrepieces or even napkins, be sure that they are mainly in white to give your diners that ultimate snowy Christmas experience. You can add a dash of silver, grey, ivory and tan. Consider adding mini lanterns and snowflakes too for a more wintery look. 

4. Rustic Vogue 

Rustic vogue interior style.

If you are in need of making your restaurant’s atmosphere all cosy this Christmas, you may want to adopt rustic themed decorations. With this specific interior style, you can try incorporating natural materials into your Christmas ornaments such as wood, rattan and clay. 

This would then have your colour schemes lean into earth tones which would evoke warmth. You can take inspiration from a typical farmhouse interior and spice it up with Christmas elements. Dim your lighting and voilà! You’ll have yourself a rustic-themed decor to complement this month’s festivities. 

5. Minimalist

Minimalist Christmas tree.

With minimalist decor taking over the interior design world in recent years, it’s really no surprise if you wanted to jump onboard on the hype train too. If utilised correctly, this style can jazz up your restaurant’s atmosphere without being too costly (as it requires fewer decorations). 

Minimalist plating style.

Of course, don’t forget to adopt traditional Christmas colours when using this style as minimalism tends to evoke subtlety. Hence, in making the festivities more prominent, it is advisable to add a splash of red or green into your decors. 

There you have it - all the inspiration you need to transform your restaurant this Christmas season!

Keep in mind that whatever theme you chose, be sure to post plenty of pictures of your brand new interior in your social media. This will improve your branding too. 

To spruce up your decorations even more, alter your menu designs to be holiday-inspired. Perhaps even add a few signature Christmas dishes too. 

If you are looking for creative Christmas card designs, head over here for an informative read. For festive menu designs and seasonal recipes, keep a lookout on our upcoming articles! 

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